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Tourism 2024 Italians prefer outdoor holidays

Tourism 2024: Italians prefer outdoor holidays

In the 2024, Italian tourism is moving towards a new trend: the predilection for vacanze outdoor. With nine out of ten Italians already planning holidays for next season, there is a growing interest in outdoor experiences, especially among people aged 35 to 54.

Preferences and Trends

The research conducted by Enit in collaboration with Human Company and Istituto Piepoli reveals a marked preference for freedom travel linked to the outdoors. Spending on these activities is growing, even exceeding that of those who choose to stay in hotels.

Favorite Destinations and Periods

The majority of Italians (65%) choose to stay in Italy for their outdoor holidays, with a particular predilection for the Christmas and New Year period. Summer 2023 saw a significant recovery in tourism, with an average stay of 8 days, indicating a trend towards longer, nature-immersive stays.

Outdoor Investments and Spending

There is a trend of greater investments in outdoor holidays, with an average expenditure that exceeds that of other forms of accommodation by approximately 22%. Outdoor holidays now represent a "new luxury", appreciated for the possibility of living experiences in complete freedom and contact with nature.

Camping and Outdoor

Camping, in particular, is highly appreciated, with one in four Italians considering it an optimal holiday option. The choice of outdoor holidays is no longer seen as a contingent necessity, but as a conscious decision appreciated for the quality of the experience offered.

Il 2024 marks a turning point in Italian tourism, with a clear preference for outdoor holidays that combine the desire for freedom with the connection with nature. This trend not only enriches the tourist offer but also promotes sustainable development of the sector.