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And'exhibition area of ​​12,000m2 host 400 exhibitors, 10,500 accredited operators, 140 buyers, 370 sellers, 26 international destinations, 4 workshop B2B tematici: il workshop Incoming con 50 international buyers selezionati dall’Enit specializzati sul prodotto Italia, il workshop Terme, Benessere & Vacanza Attiva con 20 buyers specializzati sul segmento Terme, Benessere & Vacanza Attiva, il workshop Incentive&Congressi con 20 meeting planner interested in services and facilities of the meeting industry and the Social Tourism workshop with 50 CRAL group and off-season travel decision makers.

When was he born? Mediterranean Tourism Exchange the trade press wrote that she was 'born big' and so she remained. BMT it is the only one, perhaps, in the world organized by a person who does tourism: it is a fair conceived, organized and conducted by a tour operator. Angioletto de Negri, creator of the BMT in 1997 and patron of The Travels of the Heron, is preparing to cross the finish line of 26th edition of its fair organized every year at Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples.

The Mediterranean Tourism Exchange is the largest market place in the Mediterranean organized in Napoli for 26 years since Progecta, a leading company in the organization of professional fairs, takes place at the Mostra D'Oltremare exhibition center in the city centre.
The BMT is the b2b event par excellence and is aimed at travel agencies and operators, it is strategic for geolocation and for the period in which it takes place, unique in the sector and in the national trade fair panorama.

All the big names in tourism are present: Tour Operators, Airlines, Shipping Companies, Cruises, International Tourism Boards, Regions, Hotels, Hotel Chains.

Three days of work and business with an intense 3-day program during which conventions, conferences, presentations and refresher courses take place.

The traditional partnership with Trenitalia promotes the influx of travel agents and operators from all over Italy.

BMT is the unmissable event for tourism operators: impossible to miss!

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