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How to attract business travellers: business travel packages

Business travellers

By business traveler we mean all those people who travel for reasons mainly related to work. It makes no difference whether it is a manager, an employee or a consultant. One of the characteristics of this type of traveler is that he almost always stays at least one night and that he does not know the place he is going well.

Being the choice of accommodation for a business traveler brings numerous advantages:

  • First of all, it is assumed that the company the individual works for has a business in the place where the hotel is located. It can be a customer or even an open market slice in which the company operates. Well, that business trip could be the only one or it could be one of many, consequently if the traveler feels comfortable he will be able to select the same destination again.
  • The second point is closely linked to the first. Humans are animals of habit. For many people, looking for a hotel every time they travel can be really stressful. If business trips to that city are frequent, the traveler may find it convenient to always return to the same place, knowing that they can count on those certain comforts without the stress of having to look for a different place every time.
  • Business trips do not follow the same rules as beach or leisure tourism. Having a sufficient number of regular business travelers can help keep your income flow high even in the off-season.
  • With the price of flights falling, globalization increasingly underway and the European market open to all consumers, investors and businessmen it is a continuously growing market.
  • Finally, even if the worker went to the hotel for business, nothing takes away from the fact that you may want to stay for leisure reasons.

See how many useful reasons to attract this type of clientele?

Here are 3 tips to improve the offer for them.

1. Get into a GDS system

They are defined as GDS, that is Global Distribution System (that is to say Global Distribution System), computer systems for booking and purchasing airline, hotel and car tickets.

These systems are increasingly used by companies because they allow them to save a lot of time and money in organizing and managing company travel.

Affiliation with these systems, therefore, will certainly lead to an increase in the percentage of bookings by these types of travellers.

2. Loyalty program

Again with a view to retaining customers who usually go to the same city, a loyalty program can be an additional reason for always choosing the same facility.

The convenience of not having to think about booking a different seat every time is accompanied by the usefulness of receiving rewards for recurring choices in the same structure. A good loyalty program is also an internal advertising machine, which can introduce new services to customers for free, so that they try them and talk about them or decide to pay when they no longer have the possibility of using them for free.

3. Communication

Communication remains an essential element in marketing and this case is no exception. Foresight and the ability to communicate effectively and adequately satisfy a company's needs can make the difference. For example, ask if they need a meeting room, if they need reservations and tickets to travel around the city, etc.